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BVLGE Menswear aims to work as sustainably as possible. We are constantly re-evaluating our practices, packaging and products to consider better alternatives. Our main mission in our business is to disrupt the menswear market with more sustainably sourced options that don't compromise the appeal of design. We have identified areas that we wish to continue improve. 

BBNNHMK Range: Manufactured using pre-cut and dyed cotton fabric that was due to be sent to landfill. Due to this range being manufactured from limited fabric it is discontinued once sold out. 

BOLD Range: Manufactured sustainably from modal fabric that is sourced from Beech trees. The modal fabric is durable and doesn't need to be readily replaced. It is biodegradable upon disposal. Products are shipped in one single plastic bag to protect goods from damage during transport - as opposed to being individually bagged in plastic or foil. Each singular plastic bag is reused as lining in our storage to keep products clean. 

CCK RNG: Metal and silicone made, intended to be used for the long-term. Shipped in a dust bag made from recycled cotton.

Packaging: Larger orders are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes that are internally printed with soy based ink.

Smaller orders are packed in mailing bags. Once our current supply of mailing bags has been used we are replacing them with a more sustainable option. We are looking at compostable/biodegradable mailing bags and will update this when applicable. 

Orders are wrapped in recyclable paper that is branded with our logo using plant based ink. Any tape used is kraft tape that is recyclable upon disposal. 

Shipping: Orders are shipped using a carbon neutral shipping provider.