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Please find below a suite of information on tips, tricks, tutorials, care and sizing to help you with as much information as possible for your experience with a CCK RNG:
Read our full Disclaimer.
Read our full Care Guide. 
Read our Sizing Guide.
Read our Sizing Tips.
Read out Tutorial.
 Additional Tips: 
The ring itself doesn't always create an erection. User results will vary. For some, the feeling of tightness causes an erection. For some, the thought of wearing the ring is arousing. For others, you can have the ring on and remain flacid until aroused by a partner or pornography before the erection arises. 
Typically, cock rings can only be put on and off whilst flacid. You will need to wait until you lose your erection to take it off. It will be extremely difficult - almost impossible - to remove the ring whilst fully erect. 
If you are erect and wish to remove the ring there are few things you can do. First, if you feel you need to seek medical attention, seek it immediately from a medical professional. Many people find it is easy to remove a ring once you have ejaculated. Once you have ejaculated, your penis will naturally lose its erection and will be able to slide the ring off. Some suggest having a cold shower to subside an erection. 
Avoid using the cock rings with any ejaculation prolonging medication. This can be extremely dangerous as you will struggle to subside your erection and remove the ring. 
Your penis and scrotum reacts to temperature. When it is cold, your scrotum and penis are tight and constricted, it can be more difficult to put a cock ring on. When your body temperature is warmer, your skin is loose and your scrotum is relaxed, it is much easier to put a cock ring on. 
Caution when using is recommended. BVLGE Menswear cannot accept responsibility for any issues that may arise during the use of this product. All advice is of a general nature and is not specific to your usage.