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I took a look at the menswear market and decided that the underwear for men was not cutting it. Sure, the brands we all know and love do decent designs, but there always seemed to be a compromise for quality or comfort. I wanted fresh, cutting-edge designs and great quality without compromising on the design or their comfort. It had been a long time since I saw any designs that I really wanted. That's when I realised the market was getting stale. 


Working with a talented local pattern-maker, we've created menswear that is shaped to show you off and make you feel sexy, confident and comfortable. And if you don't feel that way just yet... you certainly will soon. Let us help you get there. We're not here to tell you that our products are only for people who are confident in themselves or who have no doubts about themselves. Our products are here to help you become that person. I was never the brave, confident type from day one. I have become more confident over time and am growing into my bravery and boldness.


To be perfectly honest, I never thought I'd be able to put my own face to my brand, or wear the briefs on camera and take photos to create this. Just a few years ago I hated my appearance so much from years of bullying that I wouldn't even shower with the light on, just to avoid seeing myself. But, I made the decision to start working on my body and started loving the results. However, it was the difference it made on my mental health and how I felt about myself that was the best result. Now, each day I tackle each photoshoot, each video with a bit more confidence. It's not always bulletproof confidence, but it's about living to be bolder and braver each day. BVLGE Menswear products are engineered to help you be a bit braver and bolder each day. 


There's a lot of work to be done in the menswear market. At the forefront are our products. But, we also are using BVLGE as a platform to connect with men on social media where we show our journey, our highs and lows, share stories about mental health and bullying and hopefully have some impact in society. We are currently working on conversations in the background about which organisations and charities will become a part of the BVLGE business, where we can give back and raise awareness for the concerns facing men's physical and mental health. 


Although BVLGE is a small start-up brand from Melbourne, Australia, I've got big goals. I'm looking forward to expanding our size range to include more sizes and bringing great designs, fabrics and support to create some much needed disruption in the mens underwear market. Join me on this journey of replacing the underwear from the past with higher-quality, sexier and more sustainable products and become a bolder and braver version of yourself ++

- Luke